About FinSym

400_logoFinSym Partners, LLC  is an independent financial planning and investment management firm.  We are a Washington Limited Liability Company and registered as an investment advisor under the laws of the State of Washington.  Our principal place of business is located in Seattle, Washington.

FinSym Partners, LLC began conducting business as an independent investment advisory fir5 in 2010.  Robert Davidson is the founder and President of FinSym Partners, LLC.


FinSym Partners provides financial advice that differs in several key ways:
We look to foster a deep and enduring partnership where we are committed to the client’s success and provide them with the highest quality service at all times.


  • We act as a fiduciary, unlike a broker, we are obligated to act in our clients best interest.
    • We cannot make a commission or receive any type of compensation from selling products or securities.  As a result, we have no conflicts of interest in providing advice and making investment decisions.
      • We offer personalized service
        • We strive to keep our clients costs to a minimum (e.g., fees and taxes)


        Our investment philosophy is based on over 80 years of scientific and academic research.


        successWe create structured portfolios and emphasize asset allocation and diversification with tilts toward segments that have shown consistent and long-term market outperformance. These tilts include small company and value asset classes as well as profitability measures that have proven to reliably lift returns over time.
        • All portfolios have broad diversification with structured indexing that allows us to provide the appropriate level of risk/return for each client
          • Our belief, supported by research, is that structured investing beats investment managers who rely on stock picking  Research shows the majority of them fail to beat their benchmarks over time and are very expensive.
            • Each client’s portfolio is tailored to meet the client’s specific risk tolerance and time horizon.
            Phone: 206-276-1774